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market strategy resources

High Tech Strategies provides market strategy resources that make your business success more predictable. We employ psychographic, qualitative, and market segmentation methods that reveal the hidden requirements for sustained growth and market leadership.

This resource center only includes tools, studies and assets that we’ve created ourselves. There’s nothing trendy or superficial—just the very best techniques that we’ve found to be essential to achieving sustained business success. This library contains the following resources:

  • Models and Frameworks
  • White Papers
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Market Analysis
Strategy Diagnostics Tool
Value Alignment Lifecycle

The Value Alignment Lifecycle helps you avoid the loss of sales traction by staying aligned with the ever-changing needs of your customers. In this graphical overview, we explain what value alignment is, how it works and how companies use it to transform the success rate of their new products.

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Market Analysis
Accelerating EV Adoption

Cost and limited driving range are not the only barriers to widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The perception of risk plays the biggest role in delaying mainstream acceptance. This analysis of adoption factors demonstrates that a reduction in perceived risk is actually the primary transformative factor.

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Interactive Infographic
Value-Creation Infographic

Stop viewing market adoption as the use of your product. Instead, create and deliver the value that is required throughout the adoption lifecycle. Use the Value Alignment Infographic to visualize all key dimensions of customer value, maintain sales traction, and ensure growth in uncertain times.


Market Analysis
10 Reasons Tech Products Fail

Many of the reasons high-tech companies fail are not captured in statistical surveys. Why is the rate of high-tech failure so high, and why do so many high tech companies fail?  This paper provides an in-depth, qualitative analysis of the reasons behind high-tech failure.

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Diffusion of Innovations

A summary of Diffusion of Innovations by Rogers, E. M., First edition. New York: The Free Press. (1962) — Diffusion of Innovations is the most popular model for understanding how new products and innovations gain momentum and diffuse (or spread) through a specific market or population.

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Analysis Tool
Crossing the Chasm

The chasm concept was created at Regis McKenna Northwest in the 1980s. This summary describes the initial framework, called The Marketing Chasm, that was later popularized in a book called “Crossing the Chasm.”  A recent study shows the book has led to substantial confusion and misuse.

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White Paper
The Low Risk Recipe

Low Risk Recipe is one of the most powerful techniques developed by High Tech Strategies. In this white paper we describe how intangible attributes allow the development of a low-risk offering, which is the most important dimension of value for mainstream customers and buyers. Several examples are included.

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Dynamic Product Perception

The concept of dynamic product perception, which describes the way products or ideas move through the innovation-adoption lifecycle, is a critical element in any discussion about intangible product attributes. Over time, customers select products based on intangible attributes, rather than product functionality.

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Failure Analysis
Why “Seattle’s Most Promising Startup” Failed

At the Early Stage Investment Forum in Seattle, 250 accredited investors and venture capitalists voted Ansyr Technology as “the region’s most promising technology startup.” This accolade was based on both market and company advantages. Yet the company failed due to value misalignment.

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The People Patterns Podcast™

How humans behave during the creation, adoption
and evolution of an emerging technology

How to classify your new product
How to recognize your first customers
Are you solving a meaningful problem?
Are you solving a meaningful problem?

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