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Executives, leaders and entrepreneurs come to me to ensure their new products or innovations are successful. Some ask me to provide interim leadership to improve revenue growth and profitability.

As a market strategy advisor, I will help you redefine and reignite underperforming products, create new first-of-a-kind products, successfully identify and dominate new markets, and prioritize resource-investment decisions.

For many of my clients I lead their initiative to establish long-term competitive advantage, which means we use the Low Risk Recipe to identify and build the elements of sustained market leadership.

By aligning your products and business with customers who are ready to buy, you can unlock your company’s growth potential and dramatically increase return for investors.

How I add value:

I’m not so much a strategy expert as I am a wingman for addressing innovation resistance. I know what to do when customers are delaying purchase or buying from someone else. My clients also say I’m able to see around corners and prevent problems rather than react to them.

But I’m more than a market strategy expert. For over three decades I’ve advised executives on innovation-adoption, leveraging core competencies, and IP or patent strategy. With that expertise I can quickly assess your needs and suggest ideas that align with your goals. And with over 200 clients across dozens of industries and technologies, I’ll immediately understand the context of your situation.

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About High Tech Strategies

For over 3 decades, Warren Schirtzinger has advanced the technology adoption lifecycle concept from an art to a science. Using Warren’s proven CAL methodology and Low Risk Recipe™, your company can unlock its growth potential and dramatically increase your return on investment.

Market strategy
Partner and ecosystem strategy
Competitive advantage development
Product and market lifecycle analysis

Who I work with:

Since 2000 I have developed the market strategy for several of the most significant technology and sustainability innovations of the last twenty years, including:

  • the first large scale utility-sponsored residential solar program (SMUD)
  • the first performance-based energy management certification program (NWEEI)
  • the first hybrid venture capital fund (Nikko Securities)
  • the first augmented reality binoculars for marine navigation (AMT)
  • the first industrial FTIR sensor for on-line quality control (Honeywell)
  • the first digital audio workstation for on-air radio broadcast (Wheatstone)

I have also made significant contributions to emerging high-tech companies during their formation years including: Apple, Adobe, Harman International, Intermec, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Honeywell, Pacific Horizon Ventures, Micro Focus and many others.

In general, I work with:

  • Executives in technology and sustainability
  • Product leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Change makers and innovators
Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

Our marketing chasm theory becomes
"Crossing the Chasm"

In 1990 High Tech Strategies founder Warren Schirtzinger, and his colleagues in the Pacific Northwest, introduced the “marketing chasm” framework and the theory behind it to author Geoffrey Moore. In the years to come, Moore popularized what has become known as Crossing the Chasm.

For over 3 decades, Warren Schirtzinger has advanced the technology adoption lifecycle concept from an art to a science. Using Warren’s proven CAL methodology and Low Risk Recipe™, your company can unlock its growth potential and dramatically increase its financial return.

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About High Tech Strategies
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