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For over 3 decades, Warren Schirtzinger has advanced the technology adoption lifecycle concept from an art to a science. Using Warren’s proven CAL methodology and Low Risk Recipe™, your company can unlock its growth potential and dramatically increase its return on innovation.

Who are we?

High Tech Strategies is a leading market strategy consulting firm serving a world class client base, venture capital firms, utilities and start-ups. As the pioneers of Technology-Adoption and Customer-Alignment Lifecycle processes, we are uniquely qualified to help you create remarkably successful products the first time and every time. Let us show you how.

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What do we do?

We help companies build successful products that have a long-term competitive advantage. As a market strategy consulting firm, High Tech Strategies helps companies redefine and reignite underperforming products, create new first-of-a-kind products, successfully identify and dominate new markets, and prioritize organizational development decisions.

As agents of acceleration, we help companies see around corners and prevent problems rather than react to them. We customize market strategy programs to suit your needs.

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High Tech Strategies

Our marketing chasm theory becomes
"Crossing the Chasm"

In 1990 High Tech Strategies founder Warren Schirtzinger, and his colleagues in the Pacific Northwest, introduced the “marketing chasm” framework and the theory behind it to author Geoffrey Moore. In the years to come, Moore popularized what has become known as Crossing the Chasm.

How do we maximize your results?

By understanding your customer’s point-of-view!!

Successful companies are those that come the closest to seeing the world as their customers do. So your winning market strategy will be based on understanding the way customers measure value, evaluate alternatives and make choices. We help you use your customer’s perspective to deliver value in a systematic way throughout your organization.

What is the best way to get started?

Try out our free Customer-Alignment Lifecycle Infographic to experience the power of the CAL framework. If you want to discuss a workshop, a small project, a growth strategy engagement, or a customized growth-strategy program, please contact us at 1.425.392.5859. If you are interested in online education, we invite you to enroll in our Online Course: New Product/Innovation Success Through Customer Alignment.

Early History

High Tech Strategies founder Warren Schirtzinger was first introduced to innovation-diffusion theory in 1967. Warren’s grandfather was a professor at Ohio State along with Everett Rogers, author of Diffusion of Innovations, so that allowed Warren to learn the fundamental principles of technology adoption while growing up.

In graduate school, Warren’s mentor and academic advisor was Roger Blackwell Ph.D. This gave Warren advanced experience with the EKB consumer-decision model and the ways “perceived risk” effects purchase.

After working as a global product manager at Honeywell, Warren joined Silicon Valley consultancy Regis McKenna Inc. where he helped pioneered development of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle (TALC). In the late 1980s Warren and his colleagues refined the technology adoption model and created an updated framework called “the marketing chasm,” using it in hundreds of consulting engagements with leading high-tech companies.

Then in 1989 Warren and his colleagues in the Pacific Northwest introduced their marketing-chasm model to Geoffrey Moore, who also worked as a consultant at Regis Mckenna Inc. In the following years, Moore advanced their marketing-chasm idea and popularized what has become known as “Crossing the Chasm.”

Since 2000, Warren has guided and educated founders, CEOs and product managers, helping them avoid the loss of sales traction by staying aligned with the ever-changing needs of their customers. Some people call this market-engineering.

High Tech Strategies' future

High Tech Strategies’ mission is to increase the success rate of meaningful new products and innovations. As we continue to fine-tune our innovation-adoption frameworks, we are also creating tools to identify and correct the sources of lost sales, as well as advanced strategy formulation. Our ultimate goal is to make the adoption of meaningful innovations much faster and more predictable. With these tools and techniques at their disposal, our clients will be able to bring vital new products and innovations to market, improving health and sustainability for all mankind.

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