Introducing The Customer Alignment Lifecycle™

Create remarkably successful products the first time and every time. As the pioneers of Technology Adoption Theory, we are uniquely qualified to help your company increase its new-product success rate and return on innovation.


We are a market strategy consulting firm that for 31 years has helped the world’s most sophisticated companies create and market breakthrough products.


We put Technology Adoption Theory into practice with the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™, a tool that delivers a success rate that is 68% higher than the industry average.


We provide product, marketing and management teams with the programs, capabilities and support needed to formulate and implement winning market strategies.

Which category are you in?

Our product isn’t taking off

Innovation is the process of delivering solutions that address unmet needs. But there’s the catch: customer needs change dramatically as a market matures, so product teams need market strategy consulting in order to see things clearly. We help you ALIGN your business activities to address the changing characteristics of the customer— so you don’t fail, like 85% of all new products.

Our product started to take off, but then stalled out

Sustaining growth is typically harder to attain than initial growth. Whenever a product takes off and then stalls out, it is usually because the provider has failed to see the world as their customers do — which is the foundation of the low risk recipe™. A low risk product is everything the target customer needs to feel safe enough to make a positive purchase decision.

The world changed and we’re not sure what to do next

Harnessing the power of CAL aligns the entire organization around customer needs and characteristics, unlocking the company’s growth potential. Our clients experience increases in market share, revenue and customer satisfaction and reductions in wasted development time and expense. Our 86% success rate is unprecedented.

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Stop letting uncertainty paralyze
your company

Warren Schirtzinger is a pioneer of Technology Adoption Theory and creator of the Customer Alignment Lifecycle.

Download a free version of Warren’s latest white paper and learn how he puts Technology Adoption Theory into practice. Learn about customer motivation, whole product evolution, reference-based positioning, selling, management skillsets, and more.

CAL White Paper

“I have used the concepts and techniques I learned from Warren, every single day for the last 15 years.”

– George Henry, PhD

How the Customer Alignment Lifecycle Works

By focusing on the predictable evolution of customer types and preferences, companies are able to evaluate their current situation AND see what requirements are coming next. This sequence is the foundation of our market strategy consulting service.

After 30 years of working with new technologies and innovations, we find that most products don’t have meaningful customer alignment.

New companies waste an enormous amount on things that are a market mismatch — the wrong sales channels, an incomplete or high risk product, the wrong value proposition, a cost-benefit relationship that is out of alignment, the wrong partners, and positioning or messaging that is ignored.

We do three things to make sure every dollar spent moves you toward sustained growth:

  • align the attributes of your offering and the value you deliver with the motivational characteristics of your target audience,
  • lower the perceived risk of doing business with your company, and
  • relentlessly fine-tune the cost-benefit results achieved by your customer.

No matter where your product is in its lifecycle, from initial introduction to late stage decline, our customer-alignment framework guides you to the best, revenue-producing decisions.

You can easily be fooled into thinking you have product/market fit, but if your product isn’t aligned with the fundamental characteristics of the customer, it will never be profitable. We bring market awareness and customer alignment to your company.

The concepts of the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™ are simple, executable goals that will help your high-tech product grow and your business thrive. These concepts often result in market leadership, whereby your company can use its dominance to affect the competitive landscape and direction the market takes.

Remember the dream that launched your new product or business? We help you reach your goals and realize those dreams.

We have the tools you need. As veteran advisors to emerging high-tech companies, we’ve worked with dozens of people just like you — leaders who just want to make a difference and build something bigger than themselves. Our one-on-one, expert advice teaches you simple customer-alignment secrets so you can re-ignite your company’s growth.