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Case Studies That Demonstrate Predictable Results

Since 1989, Warren Schirtzinger and his colleagues have partnered with dozens of global, market-leading companies to refine the diffusion of innovations model into a proven, customer-centric and repeatable process that delivers phenomenal success the first time and every time.

Our process builds on the proven sequence of the technology adoption lifecycle, leading to predictable results for any product or innovation. We start with a deep understanding of customer characteristics and motivations, including the criteria customers use to evaluate competing products and services. These criteria — based on an overriding need to reduce risk — form the basis of new-product acceptance. By knowing how customers perceive and avoid risk, companies are able to align the actions of marketing, sales, communications, and product management with these requirements and systematically create predictable results.

Success stories from eight different industries are described in detail below. This page also offers foundational insights into our business methodology and related processes.


Market Opportunity Analysis for Harman Applied Technologies

High Tech Strategies was hired to select the industry with the fastest adoption rate and shortest path to commercial success and financial return.


Crossing the Marketing Chasm with NeuroCom Healthcare

NeuroCom was beginning to see a decline in their core posturography business and needed to cross the marketing chasm.


Category Creation for the NW Energy Education Institute

NWEEI needed to create a new category in energy education for mainstream energy managers and out-maneuver a market leader.


Go-to-Market Strategy for Audion’s Digital Audio Editor

Radio broadcast legend Charlie Brown turned to Warren Schirtzinger for both strategic guidance and go-to-market execution.


Creation of New Venture Capital Category for Nikko Securities

Nikko Securities wanted to create a new venture capital fund that was truly different and valuable within the crowded VC community.


Target Market Selection for Advanced Marine Technology

AMT needed to identify the market segment with the greatest near-term potential for augmented reality technology in the marine industry.


Market Leadership Strategy for SeaSpace Corporation

SeaSpace needed to maintain their position of market leadership during a time fundamental changes were occurring in their industry.


Regional Transformation to Solar Power in Sacramento

The municipal utility in Sacramento needed to find a way to get people who are primarily risk averse to adopt clean-energy and solar power.

Predictable Results Framework

The goal of any business is to highlight the value of their products or services for their target market. At the same time, it is imperative to gain a competitive advantage and establish an enduring company. And the most effective way to do that is by developing a winning go-to-market strategy.

A great go-to-market strategy is developed at the intersection of market pull (buying) and organizational effectiveness (selling).

Go-to-Market Strategy Checklist

A go-to-market strategy that delivers predictable results includes eleven core components:

  • Analyze the Target Market: How do you describe and reach the identifiable economic group of buyers that will be your initial target market, and what will your follow-on targets be?
  • Customer Motivation to Buy: Who is the primary buyer and/or user of your product within the target market, and what motivates them to buy sooner rather than later?
  • Positioning: What market position is available for you to occupy and what is your competitive differentiation strategy?
  • Cost-Benefit Ratio: Is the cost-benefit ratio of your offering (a.k.a. “value”) following the lifecycle of customer adoption?
  • Define the Complete Offering: What makes the product “low risk, complete and compelling” in the eyes of your initial target customer? Who are the necessary partners and allies required to deliver the complete solution?
  • Team Skillset: Do you have the organizational and operation skillsets required to serve the changing needs of your customers?
  • Pricing Strategy: Is your pricing strategy rewarding for everyone involved in selling, delivering and servicing your product offering?
  • Sales/Distribution Channels: Does your approach to selling match the stage of technology adoption for your application?
  • Credibility: What evidence is required to make your selected positioning strategy credible to the market?
  • Messaging: Which positioning messages are most important to each adopter group in the technology adoption lifecycle?
  • Market Relations: Have you identified the top 10% of your market ecosystem, and how will you establish an ongoing dialogue with each top-tier influencer?

A winning go-to-market strategy focuses on developing a competitive edge and figuring out how to reach a target audience. However, it is not a specific event, such as a product launch. Rather, GTM strategy focuses on the entire adoption-lifecycle of a product or service – from innovators and early adopters to laggards.

Go-to-Market Execution

A go-to-market strategy committee is often the best way to ensure organizational alignment, manage expectations, and monitor success factors. In general, each of the following activities should have a formal program to ensure strategic success.

  • [Product] offering management
  • Partner management
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Market relations
  • Sales support
  • Sales channel management


This 9-step go-to-market strategy framework helps companies collaboratively plan and execute to create and sustain market leadership. It empowers teams to gain clarity regarding their product category and its stage of innovation-adoption. As a result, you will reach consensus on product marketing strategies, explore and prioritize target customer scenarios, manage vertical market initiatives, and define or execute go-to-market programs.

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