Opportunity Identification

Discover where to focus by leveraging
your crown jewels

Strategic advantage is more than operational excellence; it’s about recognizing a company’s core strengths and aligning all business activities with this core advantage. I call them your crown jewels.

In a competitive landscape, the ability to understand and leverage your unique sources of value is key to market leadership and achieving long-term success.

This isn’t just about what your company does well. It’s about identifying what you do uniquely better than your competitors. This method allows you to capture new market segments while staying true to your strategy.

Your opportunity-identification strategy be must shaped around your crown jewels, making every decision — from R&D to product development to marketing — a reflection of your core competency.

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Opportunity Identification Fundamentals

To translate your crown jewels into action, you must embrace a proven approach: identify your unique sources of value, align every decision with these core differentiators, and commit the resources necessary to sustain this direction.

Whether it’s acquiring new talent that matches your strategic advantage, aligning your supply chain with your ethical standards, or crafting marketing messages that resonate with your core mission, the key lies in consistent and disciplined execution. This not only sets you apart in a crowded market but it also builds brand awareness that is synonymous with your unique business personality, driving growth and maintaining customer loyalty.

In a competitive environment, the path to sustainable growth is more than just planning; it demands strategic self-awareness and the willingness to embrace what truly sets your company apart. Such focus, rooted in a deep understanding of your unique strengths, guides difficult decision-making, and ensures your place as a leader in your field.

Alignment with your crown jewels, where every decision reinforces your unique value proposition, is what differentiates authentic market leaders from me-too competitors, ensuring long-term success and extraordinary financial return.

opportunity identification

Formulas that fail

Successful founders introduce the world to something unique and different. The way they do that is by moving their thinking from the way the world is, to the way they want it to be. The greatest innovators teach the world to think differently with a fresh idea — either a new take on an old problem or by solving a whole new problem or by having a whole new idea.

The concept called product market fit traps entrepreneurs and inventors into thinking you must listen to customers who are only familiar with an existing category. Those customers will naturally ask for something better (a continuous innovation) rather than something different (a discontinuous innovation).

This is a formula that fails because the greatest potential for growth is in discontinuous innovations, and customers are often unable to talk about something they’ve never seen or used. Plus there is no “fit.” The new market category doesn’t exist yet.

When you’re inventing and bringing anything new and different to the world, listening to customers who are used to an existing category is a recipe for failure.