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The Power of Customer Alignment

I have a professional customer-alignment process that is tailored to meet the needs of companies of all stages.

While most consultants and advisors simply make recommendations, I believe you receive much more value if I fully engage in the implementation process.

My relationship with clients is true collaboration in every sense of the word. Not just with the CEO, but with the entire executive team and the core execution teams.

With every engagement, I deliver a clear, actionable set of decisions and assets and then say without hesitation…Let’s go do this!

I keep it simple. I’ve developed the wisdom and judgement that allows me to analyze problems quickly and make fast decisions. And I love to roll up my sleeves and get in the foxhole with you. Here is an overview of how it’s done.

Maintaining customer alignment

Three steps to alignment

Assess Your Alignment

I clarify the nature of your category and determine your position on the adoption lifecycle curve. And I don’t rely on surveys or historical data. I talk DIRECTLY with your customers and people in your ecosystem. I clearly highlight where you are in alignment, and where you are not.

Define Your Alignment Strategy

Based on step one, I help you define the best customer-alignment strategy for your identified markets. Together we update your functional communications, sales and product strategies and align them externally to your evolving target audience.

Specific Steps to Alignment

My multi-point customer-alignment tool gives you an actionable plan, and includes the tactics required for success at each stage of market adoption. Together we make changes to your value proposition, product offering, sales/distribution channels, positioning and communications.

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