The Low Risk Recipe™ White Paper

Discover the 3 elements all successful innovations have in common

Thank you for your interest in the LRR White Paper. The Low Risk Recipe (LRR) is an innovation-adoption model that describes the process required to get people to actually accept and adopt a new product or innovation.

Most discussions about innovation only include descriptions of the innovation itself, and avoid the issue of innovation resistance. The Low Risk Recipe identifies the areas where people perceive the greatest amount of personal risk, which keeps them from adopting something new.

This document provides a framework for understanding the attributes of the world’s most successful and widely-accepted innovations, and describes why all successful breakthrough innovations have three “risk-lowering” elements in common. And it addresses the realities of doing business in today’s environment of increasing, multi-dimensional risk.

In the LRR white paper, High Tech Strategies’ founder Warren Schirtzinger explains why the perception of low risk is the primary enabling factor of adoption, and how organizations can use it to transform the success rate of their new products and innovations. Learn how the LRR can guide the activities of your organization to address the issues that cause end users to resist using your new product or innovation.

LRR white paper