Professional Development for
Go-To-Market Teams and Executives

How to Attract Customers Eager
to Support You and Buy What You Offer

GTM Professional Development Gives You Clarity on:

✅ Who? — Which target segments are most attractive to address and which are not

✅ Why? — Understanding the customer’s motivation to buy, and how they buy

What? — Creating offers that provide complete, compelling solutions

Why you? — How to position the value you deliver in a way that is based on today’s buyer and market environment

Learn how to apply the Crossing The Chasm and Diffusion of Innovations models that predict how people and companies adopt innovations, how categories are created, and how buying decisions are made in technology-based industries – directly from the inventor of The Chasm model.

All of your strategy development work will be captured in a workbook that you can share with your team to drive internal alignment, and use as your north start in future product launches.

This is the same launch/positioning playbook that took dozens of our clients from zero to market leadership! And you’ll discover how to use it in YOUR business when you come to the Product Success Bootcamp…

Imagine how much easier it would be to grow your business if you had a product that was both different and high value. A winning go-to-market strategy is the answer.

Because of the proliferation of new technologies and new products, users are bombarded with choices and have a difficult time differentiating and selecting the best of many alternatives.

Meanwhile, many small companies fighting for recognition in this sea of possibilities can’t understand why their innovative products aren’t selling well.

We will guide and empower your organization through a 4-session bootcamp that is designed to answer the most important questions related to accelerating growth, differentiation, and competitive advantage. Our proven methodologies help you optimize the way your organization works—advancing their performance and increasing the quality—while addressing real market challenges like introducing new products or boosting adoption at scale.

These are advantages that will help you grow your business no matter what’s happening in the world.

product success bootcamp

But the fact is…

Many high-tech companies don’t even go as far as using traditional techniques. Often they see a small, unfilled niche within a market, create a product to fill it, and hope a sizable market will appear to support their efforts.

The frustrating thing is that your product and services could be really, really good! Unfortunately, that’s just not enough. Because they also have to be seen and wanted by an audience that already knows, likes, and trusts you. That is where the product success bootcamp comes in.

The critical steps in your go-to-market strategy:

✅ Reveal the positioning strategy of the highest opportunity — which market category, segments, and applications provide you with a differentiated, credible, and relevant positioning to win?

✅ Focus your ideal customer profile [ICP] — Once revealed how you should compete, it’s about clearly defining your target, category, differentiation, needs you to solve, credibility statements, and market context.

✅ Optimize your positioning messages — What messages should you use in your pitches and web to be seen as a different, relevant, and credible provider?

✅ Amplify your reach — What is the optimal product launch sequence that will get the support of your market and industry?

All backed with the models of how humans accept and adopt innovations: The High-Tech Marketing Chasm and Diffusion of Innovations.