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Go-To-Market Strategy: weather operations

Weather operations forecasting has become an essential part of commercial and government activities around the world. Meteorologists who support mission-critical activities need a low-risk, complete forecasting system to ensure operational activities are not disrupted.

The need for a complete, low-risk product is greatest in mission-critical applications where system failure causes extreme disruption. An example is weather-operations systems used by meteorologists who support essential activities.

Weather forecasting has become an essential part of commercial and government operations around the world. Earth remote sensing and meteorological forecasting improves safety anywhere that weather can have an adverse effect on operational activities: commercial and military aviation, marine, transportation, public works and utilities, agriculture, mining, forestry, and many others.

At the same time, the sophistication of satellites circling the earth is increasing dramatically as new satellites are launched carrying next generation sensors. To realize the potential of these revolutionary new capabilities, researchers would need comparably advanced data handling technologies and analysis tools.

SeaSpace was unsure about the best way to address the fundamental changes occurring in their industry, while at the same time maintaining their position of market leadership.

SeaSpace needed to learn how to recruit partners and allies in order to create a market-leading product for a mainstream audience.

To address these needs and requirements, we (High Tech Strategies) taught SeaSpace how to partner with complimentary software and hardware suppliers in order to provide a complete, low-risk product, specifically for weather forecasting and meteorological operations.

Part of this strategic initiative was to follow our recommendation to enhance the usability of its flagship product for “met ops” users by developing application-specific add-ons and algorithms.

SeaSpace now offers a whole product for “met ops” customers. This complete offering is based on relationships or partnerships with a variety of complimentary organizations that include hardware suppliers, software developers, systems integrators, and service providers:

SeaSpace has achieved profitability in 17 consecutive years, ever since it was founded.