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Why a Majority of Homeowners Aren’t Ready For Solar; and What To Do About It

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As you already know, the residential solar market is in transition. The industry is shifting from a third-party ownership (TPO) model that favors companies such as SolarCity, Vivint and Sunrun, to a customer-owned model that favors local and regional suppliers. Meanwhile, government subsidies are in a state of flux and the price of solar equipment

Chasm Crossing Confusion – Why Solar Adoption is Unique

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I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, but I happened to be a member of the Crossing The Chasm development team along with Geoff Moore all the way back in 1989-1991 while working at Regis McKenna Inc. So having helped create the Crossing The Chasm framework, it is sometimes painful to

Technology Marketing Lessons, Learned in the First Grade

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Most of us learned at a very early age that it's not a good idea to kick sand in the face of the biggest kid in school. Unless you enjoyed getting pounded into the ground like a tomato stake, the best strategy on the playground was to avoid physical confrontation with those who are twice

Thomas Edison was a Technology Marketing Genius

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In 1879 Thomas Edison unveiled his incandescent light bulb. Within six years, electric power had spread across the nation and ignited an explosion of invention that created new industries and thousands of jobs and transformed every aspect of American society. By examining how Thomas Edison commercialized electric power and the incandescent light bulb, we can better appreciate how those technologies diffused so rapidly—and what technology providers need to do to replicate that success.