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The U.S. Solar Industry Just Entered Another Period of Uncertainty. Here’s How to Fly Right Through It

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After making impressive progress over the last ten years, the U.S. solar industry has entered a period of uncertainty. The good news is a renewed emphasis on the principles of technology adoption will allow the solar industry to fly right through these dark clouds of uncertainty. On the positive side, U.S. solar industry revenues have

My Great-Aunt Was the First Person Killed by an Automobile in the State of Ohio

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On July 23, 1915 my great-aunt Margaret was the first person to be killed by an automobile in the State of Ohio. My grandfather talked about that day on many occasions, describing both the circumstances and the aftermath. As traumatic as the loss of a sister was for my grandfather, his most detailed descriptions were

Research Confirms Early Adopters of Renewable Energy Don’t Like Each Other

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One of the more troubling pieces of my research over the last 20 years is the persistent finding that early adopters of renewable energy don’t really like each other. When I interview people who have adopted solar power, they often tell me (politely) they don’t “respect” other people who have also adopted solar. The reason

Why a Majority of Homeowners Aren’t Ready For Solar; and What To Do About It

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As you already know, the residential solar market is in transition. The industry is shifting from a third-party ownership (TPO) model that favors companies such as SolarCity, Vivint and Sunrun, to a customer-owned model that favors local and regional suppliers. Meanwhile, government subsidies are in a state of flux and the price of solar equipment

Chasm Crossing Confusion – Why Solar Adoption is Unique

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After recently watching several members of the solar industry misinterpret Crossing The Chasm at InterSolar North America, I thought it might be helpful to: re-visit the foundation of the Crossing the Chasm framework, provide a rough first-look estimate of solar market penetration, and then offer a few suggestions about how to recognize the unique characteristics

What’s the Best Way to Expand the Use of Solar WITHOUT Government Subsidies? Put Solar on the White House?

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Whenever government support for solar declines, we are reminded of how important it is for renewable energy markets -- especially solar power -- to operate independently of government support.  Consider for example the boom-and-bust cycle experienced in Spain.  It's clear that feed-in-tariffs do not create sustainable markets. The solar industry absolutely needs regulatory certainty, but

The Relative Advantage of Solar

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Most business schools still refer to Everett Rogers and his theory of how and why new ideas and technologies are adopted by a population.  In his book called Diffusion of Innovations, Rogers introduces five main dimensions that influence the adoption of an innovation: complexity, compatibility, observability, trial-ability, and relative advantage. An examination of the factor

How 1BOG Helps Make Solar More Appealing to Mainstream Customers

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We hear this topic discussed almost everyday in the solar industry. How do we reduce or eliminate barriers to adoption, and what programs or activities are needed to make solar/PV a mainstream technology?  Within this endless debate, it's interesting to see the different strategies being applied toward reaching the common goal of increased market adoption.

Akeena Solar’s Market Research Raises Some Interesting Questions

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I was surprised by the remarks made by Akeena's VP of marketing (Gary Mull) in a recent interview with Seth Masia from Solar Today Magazine (see: Why the Westinghouse Brand Matters for Solar)  The subject of that interview was Akeena's new partnership with Westinghouse. About 1 minute and 15 seconds into the interview, Mr. Mull

Meet the Gatekeeper of Solar’s Mainstream Market

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The solar industry has been selling to an early market of innovators and early adopters for many years now. And there are still plenty of customers in the early market to sell to. But most solar companies have their eye on a bigger prize -- solar's mainstream market -- a category that contains a whopping