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Thank you for your interest in our white papers and research reports. These documents provide the basis for understanding the attributes of the world’s most successful and widely-accepted innovations.

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The Low Risk Recipe™ – Discover the 3 elements all successful innovations have in common

Most discussions about innovation only include descriptions of the innovation itself, and avoid the issue of innovation resistance. The Low Risk Recipe white paper identifies the areas where people perceive the greatest amount of personal risk, which keeps them from adopting something new. This includes a framework for understanding the attributes of the world’s most successful and widely-accepted innovations, and describes why all successful breakthrough innovations have three “risk-lowering” elements in common.

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Value Delivery – Learn how to deliver the right value to the right people at the right time

The Lifecycle of Value Delivery is an innovation-adoption model that describes the process required to get people to actually accept and adopt a new product or innovation. In this white paper, we explain what value alignment is, how it works and how companies use it to transform the success rate of their new products.

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Accelerating EV Adoption – The Strategic U-Turn That Would Jumpstart the Electric Vehicle Industry

Low cost and extended range are not the only barriers to widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The perception of risk plays a bigger role in delaying mainstream acceptance. Most industry analysts and observers monitor and/or forecast the reduction of EV prices and performance over time. However, an analysis of adoption factors from similar high-tech sectors proves a reduction in perceived risk is actually the primary transformative factor.

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Market Relations – Wiring the market for success

The old concept called human-to-human interaction is alive and well and more important than ever. People still talk with other people before making important decisions…especially decisions related to buying new technologies.

The technique called market relations is a proven method of achieving a superior market position by enabling conversations between people that are based on evidence and credibility.

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