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People change slowly.  That’s where we come in.

Founded in 1999, High Tech Strategies is a market-strategy consulting firm that believes most people adopt sustainable products when they feel safe and secure about it, and not before. We’re passionate about helping CleanTech companies understand how to meet the needs of mainstream customers….it’s an approach we call Crossing the CleanTech Chasm.

To speed up adoption and truly create a sustainable way of living, you’ve got to understand the psychological differences between early adopters (12% of the population) and everybody else. We begin with qualitative research and dig deeply into the hearts and minds of mainstream customers to understand their perceptions and behaviors…..then translate these findings into effective, unique market development strategies and plans that take you across the adoption chasm. We do this through an ongoing collaboration with our clients — the people who must embrace and execute the strategy with focus, alignment, and resolve.

Why Now

The CleanTech movement — solar, wind, green buildings, biofuels, etc — has made impressive progress around the world. But we are moving far too slowly and too incrementally in light of the challenges facing our planet. If we had 100 years to figure out the climate crisis, species extinction, or the buildup of toxic chemicals, the need would be less urgent. But we do not have 100 years, or even 20 years.

People are often slow to accept and adopt sustainable technologies and innovations. We accelerate that process.

Put the era of harm reduction, half steps, and lesser evils behind us. It is time to be bold in ways that were once unimaginable. Your CleanTech innovation could save the world. Get more people to adopt it !!

“The responsibility of our time is nothing less than a revolution of sustainability.”

 Warren Schirtzinger, CEO of High Tech Strategies, Inc.

Organizations We’ve Worked With

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with both industry leaders and promising start-ups. We’re honored to play a role in their success.