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New Product Success -- An Interactive, Online CourseThe Sustainable Advantage of Customer Alignment

During the pandemic, many companies have struggled to survive while others have completely collapsed. And yet, some are thriving. What shields some companies from economic and social disruption is their ability to maintain strategic alignment with the market category they serve. They have made evolutionary changes at exactly the right time.

New Product Success in Uncertain Times is a real-time, interactive online course that enables entrepreneurs, CEOs and product leaders to ensure the ongoing success of their new products or innovations, without having to visit a classroom or interrupt their work schedules. Through the process, you will strengthen your ability to achieve sustainable growth in revenue, while proactively developing the strategies needed for success in the new “normal” world of unpredictability and high risk.

This course helps companies that have been unable to achieve new product success because of unstable customer segments or unpredictable buyer behavior. It teaches you to leverage the value you deliver to the market and achieve mass-market adoption with your new product or innovation.

New Product Success in Uncertain Times is offered via our real-time, interactive online classroom.

What You Will Learn

The key to maximizing sales and marketing effectiveness using category lifecycle analysis
How to plan for transitions between customer types and the steps to maximize sales efficiency for each type
The blueprint for designing a product evolution plan that scales revenue
A template for developing competitive messaging that streamline sales

Today, a new landscape of risk has emerged, led by the Covid-19 pandemic, that has a profound effect on how people evaluate and buy new products. There is an increased level of unpredictability in the economy and in society that represent enormous risk for both suppliers and customers. These risks are increasingly focused on health and sustainability, but include factors such as: domestic political polarization, cyberattacks and technical/infrastructure security, and an information ecosystem that is plagued with fake and biased news.

Adding to this uncertainty is the increase in external competition. Many times, your competition will come from outside your industry rather than from within. The CAL framework guides your company to the creation of a solution that aligns with the core motivations and needs of your category. Category alignment transcends both the traditional non-traditional competitive landscape and protects your company from all competitive activities.

New Product Success in Uncertain Times is offered via our real-time, interactive classroom

Who Will Benefit

Change Makers

This course empowers executives who want to challenge the status quo with a new innovation

High-Tech Leaders

Product leaders will learn how to scale their companies by aligning with mainstream buyers.

Sustainability Advocates

We teach you to build your movement and achieve market transformation quickly.

Program Structure

Market Strategy Development consists of approximately 20 to 25 hours of material delivered over a six-week period. You can complete the coursework on your own time while meeting regular deadlines.

September 2021

Length: 6 Weeks

Program Dates: 9/7/21 – 10/19/21

Cost: $2,995

Application Deadline: August 26

December 2021

Length: 6 Weeks

Program Dates: 12/7/21 – 1/11/22

Cost: $2,995

Application Deadline: November 25

March 2022

Length: 6 Weeks

Program Dates: 3/8/22 – 4/12/22

Cost: $2,995

Application Deadline: February 25

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