Innovation Leadership and Experience

prepaid legal services

The First Actuarial Database For Prepaid Legal Services

Warren established the nation’s first actuarial database to reflect the economics of prepaid legal services on behalf of the Ohio State Bar Association. His research provided the establishment of usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) attorney fees, an actuarially sound schedule of benefits, and documentation to support the economics of prepaid legal services as an employee benefit.

CIM Innovation

The First 100% Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Process

Warren managed the joint development of a computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) network for Measurex Corporation and Exxon Chemical Company. This project won the first ever CIM Leadership Award presented by a national publication.

Quality Control Innovation

The First Ruggedized FTIR Sensor For Real-Time Quality Control

Warren managed the development and commercialization of an award-winning innovation that allowed sophisticated laboratory instrumentation to be used on the factory floor for real-time quality control.

Original Chasm Model

Pioneered Development of the “Chasm” Innovation-Adoption Model

Warren co-developed the Technology Adoption Lifecycle (TALC) by updating Diffusion of Innovations theory and making it more specific for high tech. Warren and his colleagues then refined the TALC model by describing a “chasm” between the early adopters of a product and the early majority. Their name for this model was “the marketing chasm.”

Chasm model develop by RMI Northwest

Introduced Chasm Theory to the Author of “Crossing the Chasm”

Warren and his colleagues introduced their “marketing chasm” framework, and the theory behind it, to writer Geoffrey Moore who advanced the marketing-chasm idea and popularized what has become known as “Crossing the Chasm.” The first edition of the book was published in November of 1991.

The first digital audio workstation for radio

The First Digital Audio Workstation For On-Air Radio Broadcast

Warren managed the introduction and growth of the VoxPro Digital Audio Editing System, which is now a de facto standard in live radio broadcasting.

tech startup venture capital

The First Hybrid Venture Capital Fund

Warren guided the creation and launch of the first hybrid venture capital fund, started by Nikko Securities.

Augmented Reality in the Marine Industry

The First Augmented Reality Binoculars For Marine Navigation

Warren led the commercialization strategy for a new type of binoculars designed to ensure the safety of life at sea. The binoculars displayed navigation information with a see-through, computer-generated overlay called augmented reality.

SMUD PV Pioneer Program

The First Large Scale Residential Solar Program

Warren was instrumental in the success of the SUMD residential solar program in Sacramento, CA. This transformational program spawned the California Solar Initiative (CSI), and the CSI has in turn led the entire US forward toward a clean energy future.

Ansyr Technology, Most Promising Startup

Launched and Managed “Seattle’s Most Promising Startup”

Warren led the formation and growth of Ansyr Technology, a mobile document management company (acquired by Global Graphics S.A.). At the Early Stage Investment Forum in Seattle, 250 accredited investors and venture capitalists voted Ansyr Technology as “the region’s most promising technology startup.” Full article in The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

The First Performance Based Energy Management Certification Program

The First Performance Based Energy Management Certification Program

Warren led the design and launch of a unique certification program that requires students to utilize class training to implement an energy efficiency project, guaranteed to produce energy savings.


The First Laser-Based Airfoil Inspection System

Warren managed the development and launch of the first laser-based inspection system, designed specifically for aviation propellers and blades. The system was created to improve aviation safety.

Renewable Energy Thought Leadership

Renewable Energy Thought Leadership

Warren partnered with TIME Magazine Environmental Hero of the Planet, Steven Strong to author and present “A Roadmap For Utilities in Transition.” This paper presented strategies for utilities wanting to make a transition to a clean energy future.

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Innovation Adoption Thought Leadership

Innovation Adoption Thought Leadership

Warren analyzed and presented the methods used across the U.S. to successfully increase the adoption of solar power.

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DOI: 10.18086/solar.2018.01.10
Conference: American Solar Energy Society National Solar Conference 2018

Innovation Adoption Thought Leadership

Innovation Adoption Thought Leadership

Warren pioneered development of the Customer Alignment Lifecycle, a new, interactive innovation-adoption framework for managing innovative products and technologies.