Achieve your growth objectivesBy leveraging our world-class growth strategy consulting services

We understand that your company has to select the best market opportunities, re-ignite struggling products, demonstrate credible differentiation, win in new and emerging markets, protect itself from disruption, compete effectively and more. Through workshops, small projects, a growth strategy engagement, a customized growth-strategy program, education, training and more, our growth strategy consulting services can help your company achieve its objectives.

We also invite you to schedule an introductory Customer-Alignment Workshop. This is a great way to get acquainted with Warren Schirtzinger and to see your market and product from the customer’s point of view. Only with High Tech Strategies can you make customer alignment the cornerstone of your business strategy.

Maintaining customer alignment

Market Engineering

Our market engineering process delivers value in three areas. It will: (1) define (or create) market categories with exceptional potential for growth, (2) validate the market segments your company should target to accelerate its growth, and (3) describe how to best align your marketing, sales, value proposition and messaging with the needs and requirements of your target customer.

Challenges In Achieving Market Growth

Sustaining growth can be difficult because it is dependent on your company’s ability to: (1) identify your market category on the technology adoption lifecycle curve, (2) determine the customer’s motivation to buy and willingness to accept risk, (3) consistently deliver more customer value than your competitors, and (4) integrate those insights into an effective plan for growth.

While most companies struggle in all of these areas, High Tech Strategies’ market engineering capabilities are unsurpassed. The methods we have invented and refined over the past 30 years have produced the world’s most effective market strategy development process. Using CAL, we will help your organization create a roadmap for growth in either new or existing market categories.

Developed correctly, a market-engineering strategy lays out a blueprint for growth. This blueprint shows you how your customers measure value. A market strategy that is “engineered” with High Tech Strategies’ proven methods leads to improved customer acquisition, differentiated offerings, increased revenue, and higher share of profits.

Whole-Product EngineeringOnly invest in breakthrough products

Our product engineering process delivers value in three areas. It will: (1) connect you and your company with early adopters or “beta” customers who are willing to act as partners, (2) allow you to define your current and future product offering from your customer’s point of view, (3) eliminate the product shortcomings that lead to failure, improving your new product success rate to over 70 percent.

Over 80 percent of new products fail because they force the customer to assemble incompatible and incomplete solutions on their own. Brainstorming, failing fast, and pivoting are attempts to guess what a complete, compelling and low-risk solution might be. But products based on guessing almost never work and are not dependable methods for predictable new product success.

Why risk failure when you don’t have to? It is time to look past the ineffective innovation methods that have persisted over the years and adopt a logical approach to product innovation.

Using our Low Risk Recipe™ concept we ensure the products you create have exceptional value in the eyes of the buyer AND the end user. This is what it takes to create a breakthrough product. With High Tech Strategies’ product engineering framework as your guide, you will launch remarkably successful products the first time and every time.

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