Warren Schirtzinger

Accelerating the adoption of meaningful innovations

Warren Schirtzinger is a pioneer of technology adoption theory, the co-creator of the chasm marketing model, and the inventor of the Customer Alignment Lifecycle™.

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Warren believes it doesn’t really matter how great your new product is. Without mainstream adoption, it will never be regarded as either meaningful or helpful. This is the real tragedy behind failed innovations.They might have changed the world…if only the inventor had known how to achieve widespread adoption.

When you finally get your product fully developed, prospective customers delay purchasing. When you get your sales channels working efficiently, a new technology makes your product look old. When you succeed in one area, another falls behind.

This leaves most entrepreneurs asking: Will I ever realize the dream that launched my new product or company? Will I ever build something bigger than myself?

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Startup and Innovation Experience

I was employee number four at Ansyr Technology, a mobile computing software company that was voted “Seattle’s Most Promising Startup” by 250 venture capital investors at the Northwest Investment Forum. We had everything going for us: lots of money, a great product, and partnerships with both Microsoft and Adobe. But the company failed because we didn’t stay aligned with our customers as they evolved.

Along the way I learned the secrets to long-term customer alignment and mass-market adoption. And since then I have introduced and/or helped accelerate the adoption of some of the most important business, technology and sustainability innovations of the last twenty years:

Warren is an expert in growing products and businesses. He can talk with an entrepreneur, the founder of a startup, or a CEO and immediately detect weaknesses and determine if their product, sales and positioning are aligned for mainstream market success. He has worked with over 100 companies and have helped all of them grow their revenue.

As the founder of High Tech Strategies, Warren guides founders and CEOs, teaching them how to stay aligned with the ever-changing needs of their customers, and achieve category leadership in a mainstream market.

And the best part? Every business he has helped, has moved toward their goals. And the owners felt like they were finally realizing their dream.

Warren Schirtzinger

Now, I spend the majority of my time helping high-tech leaders, entrepreneurs or CEOs who have—or want to have—an emerging business that can become a market leader. There are two main ways I do that:

  1. I’ll help you align the attributes of your offering and the value you deliver with the motivational characteristics of your target audience.
  2. I’ll show you how to lower the perceived risk of doing business with your company, so that mainstream customers feel comfortable buying.

Will I have the privilege of working with you next?

You don’t have to wonder if you can turn your vision into reality. You can build your business into a mainstream powerhouse.

You don’t have to dream about finding the answer to scaling and long-term growth. You can run a successful high-tech company now.

When you show up with an “alignment” mindset and learn from an experienced business executive/mentor, you can be successful. If you’re willing to align your activities with your customers, I’ll be your mentor. Together, we can reach your goals.

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