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Four Characteristics of Early Adopters That Will Help, and Then Later Hurt, Your CleanTech Business

Early adopters play a significant role in the beginnings of your CleanTech company. In order for CleanTech products to achieve mass market appeal, they must

The U.S. Solar Industry Just Entered Another Period of Uncertainty. Here’s How to Fly Right Through It

After making impressive progress over the last ten years, the U.S. solar industry has entered a period of uncertainty. The good news is a renewed

My Great-Aunt Was the First Person Killed by an Automobile in the State of Ohio

On July 23, 1915 my great-aunt Margaret was the first person to be killed by an automobile in the State of Ohio. My grandfather talked

Research Confirms Early Adopters of Renewable Energy Don’t Like Each Other

One of the more troubling pieces of my research over the last 20 years is the persistent finding that early adopters of renewable energy don’t

Why a Majority of Homeowners Aren’t Ready For Solar; and What To Do About It

As you already know, the residential solar market is in transition. The industry is shifting from a third-party ownership (TPO) model that favors companies such

Chasm Crossing Confusion – Why Solar Adoption is Unique

After recently watching several members of the solar industry misinterpret Crossing The Chasm at InterSolar North America, I thought it might be helpful to: re-visit