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Your CleanTech innovation could change the world. — Get more people to use it.

Our market-strategy expertise encompasses three broad areas:

Market Transition Identification

  • Mainstream needs and motivations

  • Market segmentation

  • Diffusion of innovation

Marketing Strategy Development

  • Target customer identification

  • Whole product strategy

  • Distribution channels and pricing

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Market expansion strategies

Building Market Leadership

  • Competitive positioning

  • Education-based communications

  • Market infrastructure development

We are set apart by our unique experience, comfort with highly technical products, and understanding of human behavior.

Knowledge and Experience
We’re senior executives who understand technology, how people react to it, and the challenges of accelerating its adoption.

Value Driven
At the core of what we do is our passionate desire to see something deeper — the possibilities, the human potential, the opportunity for transformation — and help your organization deliver the deeper value it brings to the world.

Communications Oriented
We create unique positioning and persuasive messaging through a deeper understanding of target customers, their motivations to buy, their organizational imperatives, and the role of peer network references in buying decisions. Then we articulate your ideas, messages and concepts with powerful precision and fluency.

To many, the transformation to a sustainable future will seem disjointed and hard to understand. We understand there will be an expanded need for support, education and a gentle delivery of new innovations into our daily lives.

Dedicated to Sustainability
We believe the primary goal of technology and innovation should be to heal the planet and create a sustainable society.

Belief in Human Beings
Now it is time to take bolder, more durable strides – time to create brilliant new industries – time for everyone to find new and natural ways to sustain both people and the environment, which in many ways will hold the key to our future on earth.