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My Great-Aunt Was the First Person Killed by an Automobile in the State of Ohio

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On July 23, 1915 my great-aunt Margaret was the first person to be killed by an automobile in the State of Ohio. My grandfather talked about that day on many occasions, describing both the circumstances and the aftermath. As traumatic as the loss of a sister was for my grandfather, his most detailed descriptions were

Why a Majority of Homeowners Aren’t Ready For Solar; and What To Do About It

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As you already know, the residential solar market is in transition. The industry is shifting from a third-party ownership (TPO) model that favors companies such as SolarCity, Vivint and Sunrun, to a customer-owned model that favors local and regional suppliers. Meanwhile, government subsidies are in a state of flux and the price of solar equipment

The Relative Advantage of Solar

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Most business schools still refer to Everett Rogers and his theory of how and why new ideas and technologies are adopted by a population.  In his book called Diffusion of Innovations, Rogers introduces five main dimensions that influence the adoption of an innovation: complexity, compatibility, observability, trial-ability, and relative advantage. An examination of the factor

Reducing the Risk of Solar

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Solar energy is considered a long decision-cycle purchase. Due to the complexity of the sale and its financial components, consumers educate themselves thoroughly before buying. As such, vendors cannot move a customer through decision stages to close the sale. With products that are more costly, complicated or high-risk, the customer has more at stake.  If

Public Confusion About Solar

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There are many things that confuse the public when it comes to solar.  Included on the lengthy list of confusing factors are items such as: incentives, regulations, restrictions, warranties, technology differences and financing options.But in my mind, the bigger issue comes from the fact that "confusion" translates into "high risk" in the minds of consumers.Whenever

Is groSolar’s new ad campaign the right approach?

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groSolar recently announced the launch of a new national advertising campaign that will feature images of real people in real life situations, rather than pictures of solar panels.  According to the company's press release, groSolar's objective is to "communicate the real value of clean energy choices."This technique is especially common in the healthcare industry.  Doctors,

The Long Term Effects of Government Subsidies

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There's never been a technology that was perfected before it was released.  Technology products like solar are introduced when their performance is not as well developed as established products along some dimension that mainstream customers have historically valued.In order to become competitive over time technology-based products must be refined and improved by a sequence of

Solar Marketing Lessons, Learned in the First Grade

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Most of us learned at a very early age that it's not a good idea to kick sand in the face of the biggest kid in school.  Unless you enjoyed getting pounded into the ground like a tomato stake, the best strategy on the playground was to avoid direct, physical confrontation. This simple lesson in

Word-of-Mouth Communication pt2

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The content of word-of-mouth communication for solar products -- once underway -- can be enhanced and mildly diverted by the solar supplier. But because it is essentially an underground communications medium, the content of word-of-mouth cannot be substantially changed or improved, once launched. Hence the need to be correct at the start, to assure that

When Will Solar Go Mainstream?

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There is an unfortunate fact about emerging markets that causes great frustration for anyone offering something "new." A recent article on the website about how most people still view solar as something in the future, but not here today, is a good example.People do not view something new as "in the mainstream" until they