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The U.S. Solar Industry Just Entered Another Period of Uncertainty. Here’s How to Fly Right Through It

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After making impressive progress over the last ten years, the U.S. solar industry has entered a period of uncertainty. The good news is a renewed emphasis on the principles of technology adoption will allow the solar industry to fly right through these dark clouds of uncertainty. On the positive side, U.S. solar industry revenues have

How 1BOG Helps Make Solar More Appealing to Mainstream Customers

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We hear this topic discussed almost everyday in the solar industry. How do we reduce or eliminate barriers to adoption, and what programs or activities are needed to make solar/PV a mainstream technology?  Within this endless debate, it's interesting to see the different strategies being applied toward reaching the common goal of increased market adoption.

Meet the Gatekeeper of Solar’s Mainstream Market

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The solar industry has been selling to an early market of innovators and early adopters for many years now. And there are still plenty of customers in the early market to sell to. But most solar companies have their eye on a bigger prize -- solar's mainstream market -- a category that contains a whopping

Reducing the Risk of Solar

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Solar energy is considered a long decision-cycle purchase. Due to the complexity of the sale and its financial components, consumers educate themselves thoroughly before buying. As such, vendors cannot move a customer through decision stages to close the sale. With products that are more costly, complicated or high-risk, the customer has more at stake.  If

Solar Forces a Change in Behavior

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I think it was Nathan Lewis of the California Institute of Technology who first said that solar energy-generated electricity does nothing "new." People already have electricity.  And that is true.  Solar doesn't offer an improvement in capability.  But that's not the real barrier to the public's adoption of solar power. Most emerging technologies are introduced

The Easy Solar Segments Are Gone

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Today's solar markets have exhausted the "easy" segments. Typically, customers exhibit purchase behavior over time that is different at each stage of a market's development. Innovators (typically about 2.5 percent of a market) are often fascinated with new technology. Early adopters (about 13.5 percent of a market) are less fascinated with technology but are often

In Pursuit of Solar’s Tipping Point

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A recent call to action in the solar industry reveals a common misunderstanding of the term "tipping point."An initiative, called National Solar Quote Month, is an effort to encourage lots of people to request quotes from solar suppliers in order to bring solar power to a tipping point in 2010.  Unfortunately, the presence of a large

Solar in the Mainstream

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There is an unfortunate fact about emerging technologies and markets that can cause great frustration for anyone offering something "new." The solar industry is a perfect example.Most people do not view something new as "in the mainstream" until they see someone exactly like themselves using it.  So a homeowner in Iowa with a 2000 sq. ft.

Edison was a Marketing Strategist

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Most history books say 1882 was the year the light bulb was invented. This is incorrect. The basic technology had existed for almost 100 years. The reason 1882 is important is because that's when Edison extended the adoption of electric power and light to the early majority. And the methods he used are strategically very

Solar Customers are Changing

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The Technology Adoption Lifecycle and the Principle of Disruptive Innovation share at least two fundamental attributes.  First, both models describe market development in terms of the changing nature of the user rather than the product.  Using similar terminology, both suggest that products are initially used by early customers who base their purchase decisions primarily on