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Four Characteristics of Early Adopters That Will Help, and Then Later Hurt, Your CleanTech Business

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Early adopters play a significant role in the beginnings of your CleanTech company. In order for CleanTech products to achieve mass market appeal, they must be refined and improved by a sequence of users, starting with innovators and early adopters. This dynamic, called Diffusion of Innovation, is critical to the success of any emerging CleanTech

My Great-Aunt Was the First Person Killed by an Automobile in the State of Ohio

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On July 23, 1915 my great-aunt Margaret was the first person to be killed by an automobile in the State of Ohio. My grandfather talked about that day on many occasions, describing both the circumstances and the aftermath. As traumatic as the loss of a sister was for my grandfather, his most detailed descriptions were

Chasm Crossing Confusion – Why Solar Adoption is Unique

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After recently watching several members of the solar industry misinterpret Crossing The Chasm at InterSolar North America, I thought it might be helpful to: re-visit the foundation of the Crossing the Chasm framework, provide a rough first-look estimate of solar market penetration, and then offer a few suggestions about how to recognize the unique characteristics