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A proven framework for taking your innovation into the mainstream

Our process for most projects:

1. Assess your current situation
We start by exploring and understanding your needs and requirements, and then we assess your current market position and product offering.

2. Get to know your customers
Based on a thorough understanding of your situation we use qualitative research to identify what is most meaningful and important to your target audience.

3. Present insights and options
By interviewing and analyzing your present and potential customers, we can identify your product’s place on the technology adoption lifecycle curve and translate what that means in terms of your company’s market strategy.

4. Strategy Development
Using our deep understanding of diffusion of innovation, we guide you through known market transitions and into mainstream market adoption.

5. Execute the strategy and build market leadership
The strategies we develop will allow you to create and sustain market leadership. Our visual and written communications programs bring recognition and credibility to your company and products.